MME-DII Conférences


The department of mathematics (AGM) and the theoretical Physics laboratory (LPTM) of University of Cergy-Pontoise will host, on 13 and 14 september, a two-day workshop on

“From mathematical physics to context tree estimation”

Dedicated to the memory of Enza Orlandi

The aim of this conference is to provide both the state-of-the-art and recent advances in the following topics in mathematical physics and probability theory:

- Long-range interactions in statistical physics
- Gibbsian and non-Gibbsian measures
- Context tree estimation


« 3rd International Meeting in Law and Economics ». The event will be held on 2016, April 14&15, in the premises of the MSH Paris Nord.

Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord – 20, Avenue George Sand – 93210 Saint-Denis La Plaine

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Theories and Methods in Macroeconomics
24-25 Mar 2016 Paris (France)

The Banque de France and Théma are pleased to announce that the 20th Conference « Theories and Methods in Macroeconomics » (T2M) will take place in Paris, on March 24-25, 2016. This conference provides a forum of discussion between advanced Phd/postdoctoral students in Macroeconomics and established researchers in their field. The conference contains parallel, invited and plenary sessions. Submissions of theoretical and empirical papers in macroeconomics are welcome. Participants are expected to prepare a 5 minute discussion of another paper.

 Guest speaker : Olivier Coibion, University of Texas, Austin


Working Group on Risk – ESSEC

Meetings schedule 2015-16



Humboldt University, Berlin

March 26-27, 2015

Past conferences

  • Extreme Events in Finance, 15-17 December 2014, ESSEC
  • Ecology of Poverty and Economic Development, November 13 & 14 2014 at the Paris School of Economics
  • Professor Adam Jakubowski’s mini-courses, “Convergence in Distribution on Metric and Submetric Spaces”, October 30 – November 20, 2013 (link), registration
  • Workshop on ” Recent developments in Networks models: statistic and economic modelling”, November 19-22, 2013 (link)
  • Workshop on “Stats in Paris” est organisée à l’ENSAE ParisTech, November 18-22, 2013
  • Thematic Semester “SHADE” (Strategic/Heterogeneous Agent in Dynamic Economies), September 2013 - Februray 2014
  • International and cross-disciplinary seminar on “Complexity in Social Systems: from Data to Models,” June 27-28, 2013 (link)
  • One-day workshop on ”Applied Econometrics to Macroeconomics“, le 20 juin 2013
  • Seminar on “Risk, Uncertainty & Decisions,” May 29-31, 2013 (link);
  • Professeur Yannis Vailakis’courses, University of Glasgow  “Finance General Equilibrium” , Thematic Semester “SHADE”  May,21-28 mai 2013 , University of Evry, (lien)
  • Workshop ”Risk, Uncertainty and Decisions”,   May 29, 30 et 31, 2013 (lien)
  • One-day workshop onVoting Theory and Elections,” April 19, 2013 (link);
  • Seminar on “Theories and Methods in Macroeconomics,” March 27 & 28, 2013 (link);
  • One-day workshop onMacroeconomic Dynamics,” Jan. 17, 2013 – organized in partnership with ENSAI (link);