Chairs of Excellence

Raphaël Krikorian, AGM, University of Cergy-Pontoise

Imen Ghatassi, Assistant Professor, CEPN, University of Paris 13

Marcus Pivato, Full Professor, THEMA, University of Cergy-Pontoise

My research focuses on individual and collective decision-making and social welfare.  Here are some of my recent projects:

  • Social choice with uncertainty and/or intertemporal aspects (in the tradition of Harsanyi’s Social Aggregation Theorem).
  • Holistic approaches to judgement aggregation (which avoid impossibility theorems by relaxing the independence condition).
  • The use of ordered algebraic structures and methods from nonstandard analysis to represent lexicographical utility functions and/or probabilities (which arise naturally in certain problems in game theory, uncertainty, and infinite-horizon intertemporal choice).
  • Epistemic social choice theory with interacting voters;  deliberative democracy.
  • Foundational problems in social welfare theory, such as measures of well-being and the nature of interpersonal comparisons.
  • Multiutility representations of incomplete preference orders.
  • Statistical approximations of utilitarian social welfare in large populations.