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The PhD students of Labex MME-DII

André Pierre THEMA MCF Development Economics, Education Economics, Applied Econometrics
Askoura Youcef LEMMA Game theory, Normal form games, Incomplete information, Continuum set of players, Core, Alpha-Core, Nash-Equilibrium.
Ayouni Mehdi THEMA PhD Game theory, Strategic communication, Certifiable information, Mechanism design, Ambiguity
Baguelin Olivier EPEE MCF Labor economics
Barinci Jean-Paul EPEE MCF Dynamic general equilibrium, Endogeneous fluctuations, Financial imperfections, Indeterminacy, Bifurcations
Baroni Michel CERESSEC Real Estate Risk
Barral Julien LAGA PR Multifractals, Probability, Dynamical-Systems, Number Theories
Barret Florent MODAL’X MCF Probability theory, Metastability, Diffusion processes, Dirichlet forms
Bec Frédérique THEMA PR Applied Macroeconomics and Finance, International Macroeconomics and Finance, Nonlinear Time Series
Belan Pascal THEMA PR Public economics, Labor economics, Optimal taxation, Fiscal devaluation, Vocational training
Bellalah Mondher THEMA PR Derivatives, Options, Information costs
Bellier Annie THEMA MCF Small Business, Credit rationing, Collateral, Cash management, Business angel
Belmega Elena Veronica ETIS MCF Wireless communications, Game theory, Online optimization, Learning
Belot François THEMA MCF Corporate finance, Corporate governance, Ownership structure, Boards of directors, Mergers and acquisitions
Bemmaor Albert CERESSEC Diffusion models, Experimental designs, Survey research, Models of sales response
Ben Alaya Mohamed LAGA MCF Numerical probability, Monte Carlo methods, Variance reduction, Limit theorems, Parametric statistical inference.
Béraud Alain THEMA PR émerité History of political economy
Berger Pierre LAGA CR Dynamical systems, Chaos Theory
Berlingieri Giuseppe CERESSEC Ast. Prof International economics, Organizational economics, Industrial organization
Bertail Patrice MODAL’X PR Bootstrap,  Extremes, Ruin, Markov chains, Semiparametric estimation
Besancenot Damien LIRAES PR Mean field games, Global games, Experimental economics, Economics of science, Financial economics
Billot Antoine LEMMA PR Decision theory, Epistemic logic, Microeconomics
Bombarda Pamela THEMA MCF Trade, Multinationals, Economic geography, Economic integration
Bos Olivier LEMMA MCF Auctions, Signaling games, Contests, Public economics
Bosi Stefano EPEE PR Dynamic general equilibrium model
Bosquet Clement THEMA MCF Applied econometrics, Economic geography, Economics of innovation and science, International trade, Labour economics
Bourgeois-Gironde Sacha LEMMA PR Experimental economics, Neuroeconomics, Money, Language and economics
Boutabba Mohamed Amine EPEE MCF Energy economics, Environmental and resource economics, Financial economics, Applied econometrics
Brembilla Laurent EPEE Post-Doc Overlapping generations, Economic growth, Demographic economics, Longevity
Bricet Roxane THEMA PhD Decision theory, Ambiguity, Experimental Economics
Bureaux Julien MODAL’X PhD Probability Theory, Discrete Geometry, Combinatorics
Cabessa Jérémie LEMMA PR Theoretical computer science, Logic, Neural computation, Hypercomputation, Epistemic game theory; Interactive epistemology.
Caicedo-Llano Juliana EPEE MCF Emerging equity markets,  portfolio selection,  financial econometrics,  asset pricing and market integration.
Carbonnier Clément THEMA MCF Evaluation of public policies, Taxation, Employment, Inequalities
Cavaco Sandra LEMMA MCF Microeconometrics, Labor economics, Public policies evaluation, Corporate social responsibility, Boards composition
Celik Gorkem CERESSEC Ass.Prof Contract Theory, Economics of Information, Microeconomics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization
Chambaz Antoine MODAL’X PR Semiparametric statistics,  Reinforcement learning, Biostatistics, Causality
Charlety Patricia CERESSEC Prof Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Voting
Charlot Olivier THEMA PR Unemployment, Matching frictions, Labour market institutions, Education, Informality
Chevillon Guillaume CERESSEC Econometrics, Time Series, Forecasting, Macroeconomics
Cheze Nathalie MODAL’X MCF Statistique et psychologie
Chouikha Raouf LAGA MCF Dynamical systems, ODE, Analysis, Special functions
Chouk Inès THEMA MCF Marketing & E-Marketing, E-commerce , Social Marketing
Couronne Olivier MODAL’X MCF Percolation, Potts model
Courtault Jean-Michel CEPN PR Finance, Economics of science
Courtin Sebastien THEMA MCF Social choice,  Cooperative games, Votes, Power indices, Non cooperative games
Danan Eric THEMA CR Decision theory, Social choice theory, Experimental economics
Darriet Elisa LEMMA Money illusion, Lay rationality, Economic-psychology, Economic crises
David Delphine CEPN MCF Stochastic optimal control, Stochastic Delay Differential Equations, Mathematical finance, Mean Field Games
de Buyer Paul MODAL’X PhD Probabilité, Marches Aléatoires, Dynamiques, Homogénéisation
de la Rupelle Maelys THEMA MCF Development, Health, Policy evaluation, Applied microeconomics
Delattre Eric THEMA MCF Microeconometrics of labor and health
Delesalle Esther THEMA PhD Access to education, Inequalities, Development economics
Delort Jean-Marc LAGA PR Nonlinear PDEs, Long time existence of solutions, Klein-Gordon and water waves equations, Normal forms.
Demarquette Maximilien LEMMA Market microstructure, Information sales and leakage, Information linkages, Networks
Demichel Yann MODAL’X MCF Probability, Fractal Geometry, Stochastic Geometry, Fractal Analysis, Random Processes
Desgranges Gabriel THEMA PR Microeconomics of uncertainty and information, Asymmetric Information, Speculation, Common Knowledge, Endogenous Fluctuations
Deslandre Virgile LEMMA Social Choice Theory, Public Choice, Political Economy, Democracy, Voting Systems, Sortition, Random voting
Dhersin Jean-Stéphane LAGA PR Probability theory, Coalescence, Markov population models, Population genetics, Epidemiology
Diep Hung T. LPTM PR Statistical Physics, Condensed Matter, Magnetism, Phase Transition, Monte Carlo Simulation
Donni Olivier THEMA PR Household economics, Econometrics
Dosis Anastasios THEMA Ast.Pr Information Economics, Industrial Organisation
Doukhan  Paul AGM PR Statistiques, Séries temporelles, Econométrie, Risques extrêmes, Non-stationnarité
Dumont Beatrice CEPN PR Innovation, Competition Policy, Intellectual Property Rights
Durot Cécile MODAL’X PR Statistics, Inference under shape constraints, Model selection
Duvernet Laurent MODAL’X MCF Statistics, Random processes, Selfsimilarity
El-Nouty Charles LAGA PR Processus Gaussiens et Statistique
Enriquez Nathanaël MODAL’X PR Probability theory, Stochastic geometry, Percolation theory, Random walks, Random matrices
Etner Johanna EconomiX PR Risk, Ambiguity, Dynamics, Health, Environment
Fabbri Giorgio GREQAM PRAS Growth Theory, Growth and environment, Growth and financial development.
Fermin Ana Karina MODAL’X MCF Inverse problem,  Model selection, Statistical  and active learning, Extreme value theory
Fleury Jean-Baptiste THEMA MCF History of economic thought, History of Public Choice, Economic imperialism
Foucart Clément LAGA MCF Probability, Stochastic processes, Branching structures
Fulop Andras CERESSEC Ass.Prof Financial Econometrics
Bayesian Econometrics
Sequential Monte Carlo
Credit Risk
Gbenro Nathaniel THEMA PhD Financial Market, Statistics
Georgescu Vladimir AGM DR Functional analysis, Operator theory, Quantum mechanics, Quantum fields
Ghattassi Imen CEPN MCF Asset Pricing, Applied Econometrics, Macroeconomics
Giraud Yann THEMA MCF History of economic thought, Methodology, History of the social sciences
Gobron Thierry LPTM CR Statistical physics, Mathematical physics, Probability theory, Graph theory,
Gomez Jose-Gregorio AGM PhD Cluster d’extrêmes, Mélange, Dépendance faible, Réchauffement climatique, Consommation d’énergie
Gouret Fabian THEMA MCF Applied econometrics, Nonparametric econometrics, Survey data, Probabilistic expectations
Grigis Alain LAGA PR Partial differential equations, Spectral theory
Guerdjikova Ani THEMA PR Decision theory, Financial markets, Institutions
Guillard Michel EPEE PR Macroeconomics, Fiscal and Monetarry Policy, Financial Macroeconomics.
Guillaume Tristan THEMA MCF Options, Stochastic processes, First passage times, Numerical integration
Guille Marianne LEMMA MCF Money illusion, Financing of innovation, Defense firms
Ha-Huy Thai EPEE MCF General equilibrium, Optimal growth, Macroeconomic dynamics
Hardouin Cecile MODAL’X MCF Spatial statistics, spatio-temporal modelling, Markov random fields
Hebey Emmanuel AGM PR Partial Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations, Geometric Analysis, Differential Geometry.
Heinen Andreas THEMA PR Financial econometrics, Risk management, Credit risk, Microfinance, Banking, Small world networks
Hernandez Laura LPTM MCF Complex Networks, Mutualistic Ecosystems, Dynamics of interacting Heterogeneous Agents, Agent Based Models, Monte Carlo simulations
Hiller Victor LEMMA MCF Preference dynamics and economic development, Work organization and incentives, Gender inequality, Matching theory
Hodara Pierre AGM PhD Hawkes processes with variable length memory
Honecker Andreas LPTM PR Solid state theory, Strong correlated electrons, Statistical physics, Complex systems
Huillet Thierry LPTM CR Applied Probability, Markov processes and random walks, Markov population models, Population genetics, Evolutionary game dynamics, Fragmentation.
Huynh Kim LEMMA MCF Academic research, Discrimination
Iliopulos Eleni EPEE PR macroeconomics, international macroeconomics, macro-finance, monetary economics, financial frictions, labor economics.
Ispano Alessandro THEMA MCF Information economics, Behavioral economics
Jacquet Laurence THEMA PR Public Economics, Redistribution and Taxation
Jeleva Meglena EconomiX PR Decision theory under risk and uncertainty, Insurance economics, Environmental and health risks management
Kalugina Ekaterina EPEE MCF Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Family Economics
Kebaier Ahmed LAGA MCF Numerical probability for Finance, Multilevel Monte Carlo methods, Stochastic Processes and applications, statistical inference, Limit theorems
Keenan Donald THEMA PR Microeconomics, Uncertainty, Dynamics, Real estate
Kengne William THEMA MCF Theoretical econometrics, Change-point detection, Causal processes, Time series of counts, Heavy tailed processes
Kissami Imad LAGA PhD Parallélisation d’un code en 3D sur maillage non structuré adaptatif
Klopp Olga MODAL’X MCF Statistics, High-dimensional inference and sparsity, Learning theory, Matrix completion
Koukiou Flora LPTM PR Mathematical Physics, Disordered  and Complex systems, Random Measures, Martingales, Fractals
Kratz Marie CERESSEC Extreme value theory, Quantitative risk management, Gaussian random fields, Excursion sets
Lamiraud Karine CERESSEC Ast. Prof Health economics, Competition in health insurance markets, Economic evaluation of health care strategies, Technology diiffusion and its impact on health care cost, Therapeutic adherence
Lanfranchi Joseph LEMMA MCF Organizational choices and workforce motivation, Work organization and workers’ health, Chronic disease and labour market outcomes, Motivation and incentives in public and non-profit sectors, Social responsibility and employee well-being
Laurent Thierry EPEE PR Labor economics – Macroeconomics – Discrimination – Social Security systems
Le Treust Maël ETIS CR Information theory, Game theory, Wireless communication
Lebovits Joachim LAGA MCF Probability, Mathematical finance, Physics
Lecesne Lionel THEMA PhD Financial Risk and Performance Measurement, Liquidity Risk, Energy and Commodity Finance, Pricing and Hedging of Derivatives
Lefranc Arnaud THEMA PR Labor economics, Family economics, Public economics, Applied econometrics
Lemoyne Priscilla LEMMA Prosocial Motivation, Public Service Motivation, Donated Labour
Léonard Christian MODAL’X PR Optimal transport, Schrödinger problem, Relaxation of stochastic dynamical systems, Large deviation theory for large particle systems, Curvature of discrete graphs
Loecherbach Eva AGM PR Statistics of stochastic processes, Limit theorems for recurrent Markov processes, Coupling and regeneration method, Variable memory chains and random fields, Interacting particle systems, Stochastic neuronal systems
Logak Elisabeth AGM PR Nonlinear Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Reaction-diffusion systems, Biomathematics, Epidemic models
Longin François CERESSEC Risk management, Extreme events in finance, Trading simulation, Wealth management, Portfolio management
Lotz Sébastien LEMMA PR Search, Money, Monetary Theory and Policy, Macroeconomics
Loupias Claire EPEE MCF Demographics, panel data, overlaping génération model, bank lending, aging, fixed asset, endogenous fertility
Maarek Paul THEMA MCF Political Economy, Development economics, Labor
Marcassa Stefania THEMA MCF Household formation, Fertility, Labor supply, Applied econometrics
Marlats Chantal LEMMA MCF Repeated game theory, Bayesian learning
Martin Mathieu THEMA PR Social choice, Game theory, Power indices theory
Mary Xavier MODAL’X MCF Generalized inverses,  Determinantal processes, Semigroups, Probability, Statistics
Ménager Lucie LEMMA PR Game theory, Economic theory
Menard Laurent MODAL’X MCF Probability theory,  Statistical mechanics
Mercier Fabien LEMMA Monetary illusion, Network theory, Game theory, Modelling of defaults
Mercier Fabien LEMMA Network economics, Behavorial finance, Credit risk modelling
Merle Frank AGM PR Qualitative properties of PDE, The simplification process of a general solution to special solution as time goes to infinity in a conservative system
Mesnager Sihem LAGA MCF Discrete mathematics, Symmetric cryptography, Boolean functions, Coding theory (trace codes, Reed-Muller codes etc)
Miller Luc MODAL’X MCF Equations aux dérivées partielles, Analyse microlocale, Contrôlabilité.
Morien Pierre-Luc MODAL’X MCF Stochastic equations, Probability
Moussa K. Richard THEMA PhD Causalité
Sciences sociales
Mrad Mohamed LAGA MCF Mathématiques finacières, Optimisation de portefeuilles, Utilités stochastiques, Flots stochastiques. BSDEs, Taux long terme, Ramsey rule, Probabilités numériques, Compostion et décomposition numériques des champs aléatoires
Nachef Valérie AGM MCF Symmetric Cryptography, Authentication, Historical Cryptography
Nunez Matias LAMSADE CR Voting Theory, Mechanism Design, Political Economy
Ochea Marius THEMA MCF Game Theory, Evolutionary Game Dynamics, Heuristics
Oguey Christophe LPTM MCF Statistical physics, Topology, Liquid crystals, Minimal surfaces, Films, Biomacromolecules, Multi-scale organisation
Omnes Pascal LAGA PAST Numerical analysis, Finite volume methods,  Error estimation,  Computational physics, Scientific computing
Oudinet Joel CEPN MCF Migration, Remittances, Development, Econometrics
Paillacar Rodrigo THEMA MCF International trade, Migration, Regional policy
Pawlowitsch Christina LEMMA MCF Game theory, Evolutionary game theory, Strategic aspects of communication
Pepito Nona CERESSEC Microeconomics, Game theory, Information Economics
Perez-Marco Ricardo LAGA PR Economic Dynamics, Wealth distribution, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Blockchain technology
Picard Nathalie THEMA MCF Risk, Collective models, Microeconometrics, Behavioural finance, Transport and land use
Pitti Alex ETIS MCF Complex systems, Neural networks, Phase synchronization, Robotics, Artificial intelligence
Pivato Marcus THEMA PR Social choice, Social welfare, Decision theory, Game theory
Poncet Patrice CERESSEC Asset pricing, Asset allocation, Corporate capital structure, Delegated portfolio management, Monetary theory
Prigent Jean-Luc THEMA PR Finance, Portfolio optimization, Option hedging and pricing, Risk Management, Financial Econometrics
Quoy Mathias ETIS PR Cognitive science, Computational neuroscience, Complex systems
Rey Nathalie CEPN MCF Financial integration, Evaluation of financial assets, Restructuring-complexity of financial systems
Rifqi Maria LEMMA MCF Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Affective computing, Similarity, Typicality
Rittaud Benoît LAGA MCF Numeration systems, Continued fractions, Random Fibonacci sequences, Mathematics of education and popularization.
Roberto Cyril MODAL’X PR  Probability: Markov chains and ergodic constants, Statistical mechanics out of equilibrium: Speed of convergence to equilibrium of interacting particles systems, Kinetically constrained models, Functional inequalities: logarithmic Sobolev, Poincaré, Transport, ardy,  Analysis in high dimension, convexity: concentration phenomena, isoperimetry
Rojas Rubio Lourdes THEMA PhD Cultural transmission, Political economy, Socialization, Political transitions, Political culture.
Roncoroni Andrea CERESSEC Energy Finance, Commodity Markets, Corporate Financial Risk Management, Derivative Structuring, Asset Pricing
Roy Emmanuel LAGA MCF Dynamical systems, Ergodic Theory, Probability Theory
Sandford Sarah ESSEC Post-Doc Applied theory, Experimental economics, Public Economics, Contract Theory, NGOs
Santacreu Vasut Estefania CERESSEC Ast. Prof Institutions, Language and Gender Economics
Seppecher Pascal CEPN Post-Doc Agent-based models, Stock flow consistent models, Monetary economics, Uncertainty, Adaptation
Serranito Francisco LEO PR Applied econometrics, Time series, Growth and development, Nonlinear time series, Panel data
Serve Stéphanie THEMA MCF Public finance, Corporate finance, Accounting quality
Shirikyan Armen AGM PR Partial differential equations,  Probability, Control theory
Sirakov Boyan MODAL’X MCF PDE, Analysis
Skalli Ali LEMMA MCF Labour, Education, Health, Econometrics, Inequality
Sopraseuth Thepthida THEMA PR Macroeconomics, Labor economics, International macroeconomics
Souam Said EconomiX PR Competition policy, Industrial organization, Corporate governance, Law and Economics, Development economics
Soulier Philippe MODAL’X PR Stochastic processes, Extreme value theory, Long memory, Heavy tails
Soumare Ibrahima THEMA PhD Default risk and contagion model
Souplet Philippe LAGA PR Analysis of PDE’s, Nonlinear Analysis, Functional Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology
Stingo Annalaura LAGA PhD Klein-Gordon global-existence small-data semi-classical analysis
Strelcyn Jean-Marie LAGA Membre associ’e Chaos, Integrability, Nonintegrability, ODE
Tédongap Roméo CERESSEC Ass.Prof Asset pricing, Portfolio coice, Behavioral finance, Financial econometrics, Quantitative economics
Terra Cristina CERESSEC PR International finance and trade, Wage inequality
Thiel Daniel CEPN PR Multiagent modeling, System dynamics, Complex system modeling
Tillier Charles MODAL’X PhD Ruin theory, Markov chains, Dietary risk models, Extremes, Regular variations, Tail behavior
Torcini Alessandro LPTM PR Nonlinear and chaotic dynamics, Complex networks, Neural networks, Computational neuroscience, Synchronization
Trégouët Thomas THEMA MCF Economics of Internet, Economics of marriage
Tripier Fabien EPEE PR Business cycles, Financial economics, Labor economics, DSGE models, Search and mathcing
Tzvetkov Nikolay AGM PR Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Physics
Ullmo Denis LPTMS PR Mean Field Games
Vauday Julien CEPN MCF International Political Economy, Lobbying and firm’s influence, Corporate social responsibility
Veronelli Giona LAGA MCF Geometry, PDE
Vranceanu Radu CERESSEC Prof. Economics of Information, Experimental Economics, Economics of Academia, Macroeconomics
Weissler Frederic LAGA PR Nonlinear PDEs and ODEs
Wu Yun THEMA PhD Microfinance, NGO, Financial inclusion, Game theory
Xiao Yijun MODAL’X PRAG Quasi-Monte Carlo method, Low discrepancy sequence, Finite fields, Numerical probability
Zetlaoui Mélanie MODAL’X MCF Latent variable model, Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF), Bootstrap, Big data, Applications to food risk assessment.