The board

The scientific coordinator of LABEX MME-DII is Ani GUERDJIKOVA.

The administrative coordinator is Lisa COLLINI.

Contact number: 0033 +(0)134256337

LABEX is currently managed by two committees. The ExecutiveCommittee deals with the general administration of the consortium, budget programming, decisions on the attribution of funds, and the setting up of a permanent Board. The Scientific Committee is in charge of the scientific activities and of assessing the research proposals submitted.

The Fundation for Modelling in Economy is placed under the auspices of the UCP Fundation.

The Committees are composed as follows:

The Executive Committee

  • Ani Guerdjikova, scientific coordinator of LABEX
  • Olivier Donni, THEMA
  • Arnaud Lefranc, THEMA
  • Eva Löcherbach, AGM
  • Mohamed Ben Alaya, LAGA
  • Patricia Charléty, CERESSEC
  • Pierre- André Jouvet, University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense
  • Thierry Huillet, LPTM
  • Antoine Billot, LEMMA
  • Damien Besancenot, CEPN
  • Stefano Bosi, EPEE
  • Christel Bériot, Foundation UCP



The Scientific Committee


  • Ani Guerdjikova, scientific coordinator of LABEX
  • Antoine Billot , LEMMA
  • Nikolay Tzvetkov, AGM
  • Laurence Jacquet, THEMA
  • Andreas Heinen, THEMA
  • Matias Nunez, THEMA
  • Patrice Bertail, MODALX
  • Charles El-Nouty, LAGA
  • Gorkem Celik, CERESSEC
  • Thierry Huillet, LPTM
  • Jean-Michel Courtault, CEPN
  • Giorgio Fabbri, EPEE
  • Bertrand Jouve, représentative of CNRS
  • Jean-Marc Tallon, external member, Paris 1